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Contemporary Folk


Johanna Kugler (AT)

Johanna Kugler was born in Vienna and has been singing and playing the violin for several years. Her musical repertoire is hugely versatile, though her focus is on traditional styles. While studying violin and rhythm in Vienna, Graz and Eisenstadt, she toured around Europe with several bands, such as Netnakisum, Ethno in Transit or String Syndicate. Currently, she is a member of Tanzhausgeiger, Karat Apart, Black Market Tune and the successful Austrian musical comedy group Landstreich. She holds several courses and workshops all around the globe, e.g. at Ethno Camps in Estonia and Slovenia, at festivals in Bolivia, Italy and Sweden, and at numerous Austrian folk music events. She also teaches at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.



Clara Tesch (DK)

Clara Tesch (b. 1990) is an experienced and versatile folk violinist and composer with a background in classical music. She discovered folk music and dance in 2010, lost her heart to it and has passionately explored, played and danced it ever since.

She studied at the folk music program at the Danish National Academy of Music and had in addition one year of studies at the renowned Skurups Folkhögskola in Skåne, Sweden. Since graduating in 2016 she has been touring and playing around Scandinavia and Northern Europe with Floating Sofa Quartet (DK/FI/SE), Vesselil (DK) and Spöket i Köket (DK/SE/BE) among others.

As a musician she is very interested in the connection between music and dance, as well as composing new music and arranging and giving new life to traditional music. Although having primarily worked with Danish and Swedish music, she is experienced in and inspired by other traditions and genres.

She has a lot of teaching experience in various contexts and in both instrument lessons and ensemble playing. Lately she has been doing courses in folk music in Denmark and Germany and a number of workshops in both music and dance at various festivals, music schools etc.


Julia Lacherstorfer (AT)

Julia Lacherstorfer was born in 1985 and raised in a traditional folk environment in Bad Hall, Upper Austria. She is a sound artist who is always intrigued by new styles and is not afraid to venture into new waters.


Julia works as an independent musician and composer in Austria and abroad. During her student times in Vienna and Linz, she formed several musical groups focusing on contemporary folk music. Her current projects, ALMA and Ramsch & Rosen have received several awards. Recently, she joined the international project The Sharing Heritage – Love Tree Ensemble, led by the Danish violinist Harald Haugaard.


In her work as a composer, she constantly walks the line between intuition and inspiration, between tradition and modernity, between concepts and free spirits. As of 2018, she is the co-director of the wellenklænge festival in Lunz am See, together with Simon Zöchbauer.



Maggi Rust (AT)

Maggi Rust is an Austrian cellist, singer and composer whose musical roots come from traditional and classical music. She studied at the University of Graz where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Instrumental and Singing Pedagogy, but her curiosity for the new quickly took her beyond the Alps. In 2010 she came to Chile, where she soon joined the Chilean music scene playing and recording with leading national artists and bands such as Inti-Illimani, Nano Stern and Aguaturbia, among many others. She has performed in multiple stages and important festivals throughout the South American country (Festival Viña del Mar, Lollapalooza, Womad etc).


In Chile, she developed as a cellist, singer and composer dedicated to popular music and international folk. In 2014 she founded the multicultural band “deRuts”; their album “Novopangea” was released and presented on multiple international tours in Chile, Argentina and Europe.


In November 2021 she released not only her first Single as a soloist (“Se me movió el piso”) but also debuted with a concert in Sala SCD Egaña in Santiago de Chile. Currently she is preparing her debut solo album “Dual”. Beside her work as a freelance musician she does workshops for strings at schools, with orquestras, as well as teaching at Ethno Camps (Chile, Slovenia).

Neben ihrer Tätigkeit als freischaffende Musikerin gibt sie laufend Workshops für Streicher und Orchester an Schulen und unterrichtet unter anderem bei Ethno Camps (Chile, Slowenien).