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Vertrauen & Verletzlichkeit


Green Event

Dear audience,
the wellenklænge festival in picturesque Lunz am See is embedded in a precious natural landscape with its unique stage and the surrounding mountains and forests. The entire team of the wellenklænge festival is very concerned to protect our nature, to live in harmony with our ecosystem and to deal with our resources in a sustainable way. In order to implement this conscious approach in our daily festival life, we have worked hard to meet the requirements of the Austrian Eco-label for the designation as a "Green Event". This label, which we are now allowed to carry since April 2019, guarantees compliance with the highest standards in terms of sustainability and dealing with our nature.

We want to act on our ideals in the daily festival organisation. Therefore, we are striving to fulfil the requirements of the Austrian Ecolabel which guarantees very high standards in terms of ecological sustainability.

We place particular emphasis on the following aspects:

  • regional value creation & social compatibility

  • Waste prevention, for example through the use of reusable tableware and cups

  • Strict waste separation and environmentally friendly waste disposal

  • high proportion of organic, vegetarian/vegan, regional and seasonal dishes

  • Environmentally friendly arrival and departure of the guests & pointing out alternative travel options

  • Use of energy-efficient event technology

  • resource-saving material management & environmentally friendly procurement

  • Avoidance of unnecessary print & reinforcement of digital communication

Help us to create a conscious use of our environment and our resources and support our project in everyday life and with regard to our festival:



  • Organisiert euch eine Mitfahrgelegenheit oder nehmt selbst jemanden mit. Das spart CO2 und ist außerdem viel netter als alleine zu fahren!


  • Avoids single use plastic and choose regional and certified organic products in the store! This strengthens the economy in your environment and it is also healthier for you.

Together we can make a difference - and it's high time we did!


Thank you for your support!


Your Intendant Team,
Julia Lacherstorfer and Simon Zöchbauer


We welcome your feedback on our Green Event measures